Tuesday, October 13, 2009

C.A.M.P. G. Agenda

Good morning campers!
Welcome to CAMP G (if you're wondering where the name comes from, just check out our initials: Colleen Ashly McCollough and Catherine Grace Pratt).
We hope you have adjusted easily your new environment and had a good night's sleep cause this weeks gonna be packed!

Our goal for this season is to have the highest social capital ever in camp community. So you have a ton of fun community based activities planned to make this plan a reality:

Activity # 1 We're going to plan a round of Would You Sell Your Vote!

Activity # 2 Do You Trust Your Neighbor? We think you should. So time to partner up, close your eyes, and fall...lets hope there's someone there to catch you.

Activity # 3 Guess what. It's craft time! Yes that right. Put your creativity to the test and come up with a great symbol to help inform our community about how we can improve.

Activity # 4 Next up its STORY TIME! Yay!!! We want to know how your family vacations. Spare no details.

Activity # 5 It's never to late for an Icebreaker! So find someone you don't know around the camp fire tonight and ask them all of your burning questions about their current view of the camp...like? dislike? friends? you get the point.

Alright campers, you know the drill. Lets get to it. Have learn lots, get messy, and have fun!

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