Sunday, October 18, 2009

Activity # 1

Activity # 1 (Lab 10) Would You Sell Your Vote?

Ok Campers! Here we go with our first activity. We wanted to know if you would sell your right to vote? And if so, for how much? So we went around the camp and asked you to write down your answer and then allow us to document the moment for future reference. Here are some of the participants in this poll:

After our survey was complete, we were surprised that so many of our campers said "NO". We were expecting a much higher percentage to say they would sell it because, to us, it seems that money is more important due to our current economy, than our rights. However, this is clearly a false assumption on our part. Even campers who don't currently have the right to vote, being too young, said no. It's possible this is because they haven't really been able to use their rights yet and so are excited about that future prospect. All U.S. citizens have the right to vote. And though many take this for granted, the majority still value it. So we are connected as a society because we are all equal as voters, no one has an advantage over another, unless we don't use it.


  1. I liked this lab because you went out and asked more then just ten people how much they would sell their vote for.

    -Johannah Miller

  2. It was interesting that people actually wouldn't cell their votes. Because I definitely would cell it........haha Great job !

  3. I like how you let people write whatever they wanted, instead of giving them options.

    -Christina Brooke

  4. i really liked this lab because you asked more than ten people. you also asked me!!!
    -shannon barron